Project Description

Nobody likes to be the last to know. When you’re interested in something, you want to be in the loop. Now you can with LoopQ!


LoopQ allows you to connect with businesses that interest you. Search by category or location, add them to your Loop, and you will be kept informed of sales, discounts, specials, events, new products, and more. You’ll never be the last to know!


Are you tired of giving your phone number at the cash register? Is your inbox filled with advertising emails? What about your privacy? It seems everyone within earshot knows your email address, zip code or phone number. The insanity stops with LoopQ. After downloading this free app, you fill out a personal profile, and you only do it once. LoopQ packages your information into a generic form that gets sent to businesses in LoopQ. Now, businesses don’t ask you for information they already have, and you keep your sanity.


All of your information is kept private and shared only to businesses in a generic way.


1. Businesses in the Loop are attuned to their clientele and strive to improve their business. They create short surveys that allow you to provide honest feedback and then they thank you with Qpons for free or discounted items!

2. LoopQ allows you to create events. Special features allow you to organize the businesses or products that you need to make the event a smashing success. Forget where you put a business card, flyer, sticky note you desperately needed? No need to worry anymore…simply scan the information into your event and you’ll have the information at your fingertips, in your Loop!

3. Don’t let shopping be a chore! Store recipes (even old family recipes) in your Loop, create your shopping lists and even keep track of your pantry contents by using state of the art scanning and LoopQ organizing features.

Download LoopQ and don’t be the last to know! Start your Loop today and start the new you: private, organized, and informed!

Are you a business who wants to be in the Loop? Visit us at: to sign up!